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My royal affairs

April 30th, 2011 — 5:42pm

I watched the Royal wedding last night. On one pre-wedding TV show I saw a man who scrapbooks every type of Royal related clipping and collects all sorts of Royal merchandise. It reminded me that my boyfriend and I own a book of The Japanese Imperial Family Annual and I thought ‘Oh, I can’t laugh about this man.’


We once saw the Japanese emperor and empress’s car driving past in front of us. Of course there were several security guards along the road and police on bikes to lead their way so they were hard to miss. Seeing such iconic figures on our way back from our regular shopping was just so unexpected and it made our day extraordinary. Although we seemed the only two people who were excited to see them, ha!


That also reminded me of the time when Prince Charles visited my boarding school for it’s 100th anniversary. I wasn’t at all interested in seeing him but as soon as his shiny Bentley arrived infront of the school, I run fast through the crowd to get some close-up shots of him. (I still have the photos somewhere). I always think it felt just like going to the sea. I’m never so keen on going to the beach but soon as I see the shining blue sea, I’m the first one to get out of the car and run into the water… if I’m making any sense.


I'm not a Royal Family watcher or worshipper by the way...

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Anne, once a week

April 28th, 2011 — 8:20am

There are some movies I get so emotional by, even just from hearing the movie soundtrack. ‘Anne of Green Gables’ was one of only a few movies that I had on video cassette at home, so I don’t know how many times I’ve watched it. It was like my early-time bible, he.


I always had my hair plaited in two. I dreamed of wearing puff sleeve dresses. I even chose the name ‘Anne’ when I had to use an English name for my after school English speaking class. My classmates were all familiar faces from prep school but as soon as we entered the study room I had to call them Ben, Bob, Jimmy and Sherlene. I wondered how they came up with their names though?


Ah... I can feel the music already.

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Rainy days

April 27th, 2011 — 8:32pm

It rained in Tokyo last week and washed all the cherry blossom flowers off the trees. That’s sad, but it also means the season for my favorite flowers will be coming soon… Roses and Hydrangeas!


Hydrangeas keep me happy during the rainy season.

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Magic box

April 25th, 2011 — 7:21pm

My boyfriend and I watched ‘Note by Note: The Making of Steinway L1037‘ last night on TV. It was more than just looking at people making pianos. The craftsmen at Steinway & Sons were performing all sorts of magic at their atelier, putting life into pianos. We were really blown away. And of course their pianos sounded so special!


This piano must sound so sweet!

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A pink bunny

April 23rd, 2011 — 8:03am

I once asked my five year old niece Ciara what she would like to be when she grows up. She said, “a pink bunny.”


That was exactly what I used to dream of when I was little. Every other girl at the nursery wished to be a cake shop keeper, an ice cream shop owner, a mother, or a bride. I couldn’t really understand why someone would want to be a bride at that age.


These days I think my wish has almost came true as I’m having a happy Easter surrounded by lots of cute bunny goods!


Happy Easter!

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Flying Birds Looping

April 21st, 2011 — 11:42pm

On my walk to the local supermarket I saw a group of birds circling the sky very neatly and I wondered how do they do that? Do they have a leader to give commands? So I kept looking. During their 8th loop there was a sudden 180 degree turn but as usual every bird followed. Unfortunately on their 10th loop one bird lost his way and he was completely left out of the circle. However, after another two loops the group flew around him to become one big group again. I felt warmth in my heart.


During my grocery shop I was thinking about the French documentary movie ‘Winged Migration’ by Jacque Perrin, and that reminded me of the ‘Wataridori’ textile pattern by Japanese clothing label Minä Perhonen.


When I came out of the store it looked as though a heavy rain cloud had just passed, and I saw double rainbows! I felt content.


'Wataridori' means migratory birds in Japanese.

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Back to prep school

April 20th, 2011 — 10:18pm

I helped my boyfriend’s father plant some vegetable seeds in his veggie patch last week. Since then my duty has been to water the patch every morning. And guess what!? Today, after one week of silence, I found some little red beetroot buds poking out of the soil! I’m so happy!!


The excitement reminded me of a time in prep school when our class had to keep a visual diary following the growth of some potatoes we’d planted for a science project… (and when it was over we ate them).


I like the idea of eating flowers. My mum boils and vinaigrettes them. Yum!

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Autumn In Australia

April 18th, 2011 — 9:46pm

It’s been confusing for me to think that April is Autumn in Australia. It feels quite chilly during the evening but it’s still so hot and sunny when the sun is up. My face is now so full of freckles I could literally connect the dots and draw something.


Just like this.

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Big shorts

April 16th, 2011 — 10:18pm

I really like high waist underpants. I’ve been buying very basic ones for quite a while even though my sister once said to me ‘Isn’t that what middle aged women wear?’. Yes, they might not have an obvious appeal but I feel pretty cool in them.


I don't think I'm crazy... it's pretty cool.

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cat alert

April 14th, 2011 — 12:42pm

There is a big fat stripy cat who appears in my window almost every day and strolls around the garden without knowing that I’m watching. I don’t know who she (or he?) belongs to or what brings her here but I really like her popping by. It’s been kind of the highlight to my quiet days.


The cat looks similar to M. Foujita's cat but much bigger.

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Italian Invention

April 13th, 2011 — 1:58pm

Pizza, Veal Parmigiana, Lasagna, Cannelloni, Prosciutto, Tiramisu… I’ve been having lots of Italian food since arriving in Australia and I’m loving it! Italian food in Japan is somehow regarded as a fancy meal. If my childhood memories aren’t wrong, Italian restaurants in the 80’s were always the place to impress your date. I don’t often get a nice, chunky, homely, Italian meal like I do here.


Another Italian creation amazed me recently and that was an animation! I’ve been watching “Allegro Non Troppo” by Italian animator Bruno Bozzetto. The combination of psychedelic animation and classical music brought me to a completely new world. It’s fantastic.


Little Miss Bee is about to have her dinner. Buon apetito?

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many minnies

April 12th, 2011 — 1:57pm

Somehow my friends and my boyfriend are all crazy for Disneyland but not me. I feel like I’ve been there more nowadays than in my childhood. However, I was thrilled to see these three girls dressed in dots with their hair up like Minnie! And the Minnie balloon behind the fern! It was just magical…


At Tokyo Disneyland, summer 2009.

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April 11th, 2011 — 8:58pm

I think I can call myself a grown-up but I still feel a little bit shy about trying on red lipstick. When I discovered this Shiseido lipstick TV ad (apparently broadcast sometime in the 80’s as a one-off, end of year special), I was speechless. I’d never seen such a beautiful TV commercial like this before and I couldn’t believe just how subtle three minutes could be. I’d totally run out to buy this lipstick if there was an ad like this on TV now! And how can I not notice how fresh and innocent the girl (Hiroko Yakushimaru) is – I always love the natural soft look. Ah, this is why I can never ever try red lipstick…


A time will come?

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Y & E Cookie Co.

April 8th, 2011 — 7:52pm

Yama is my best friend from prep school. We’ve pretty much shared every moment together since the fifth grade, like my first ever skateboard ride (– when my skirt got ripped!), to our long awaited Harajuku debut. We also used to write silly songs, make grotesque recipe books, and draw manga. Soon enough we went to differing junior high schools and didn’t get to spend much time together. During the ten years I lived in Dominica and England I saw her even less, but our friendship stayed strong. When I returned to Japan we’d often call each other after work for a mid-night ice cream party or a hamburger treat. We are also extremely creative (ha!) when it comes to baking cookies and always liked to believe we would make a fortune with our cookies if we ever opened a cookie shop. Now Yama has found her dreamland and her dream husband in Germany – he’s Czech, a very rare combo. I’m now in Australia with my boyfriend. We have no idea when and where will be the next time we’ll see each other but I hope Yama thinks of me when she eats ice creams and burgers or makes cookies, like I think of her.


Today is Yama’s birthday, so I wanted to wish her a Very Happy Birthday!


Yama and Emi's famous cookies.

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