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We’ve had the West time!

July 31st, 2011 — 10:35pm

Ginza West is a tiny old coffee shop in Ginza that always lifts my mood from the moment I step into the salon. Welcomed by neatly dressed waitresses, surrounded by shiny silver cutlery on crisp white table cloths and brown velour chairs with the lace trimmed white seat covers just makes me want to be my sunday best.


The sweetest logo on the door at West.

West is one of the coffee shops that made me realized how sweet tea time can be with classical music. The salon has created a completely different atmosphere to the busy outside and has a huge wooden shelf full of old records from the 1920’s. Chris and I always trust coffee shops that have a Beethoven head.


A gigantic cast iron head of Beethoven and a beautiful ikebana at West.

As West is open until 11pm I would often meet friends in Ginza after work to enjoy an unrealistic moment with cakes and cups of coffee and fruit juice. I’d often see some off duty hostess ladies having their break but unlike in Roppongi, they’re often in kimono to make the space even more classic!


After our midnight coffee party.

…so this week I was thrilled when Chris suggested that we spend our evening at West after a tiring day of packing.

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An Unexpected Farewell

July 25th, 2011 — 1:50am

I’ve just heard that one of my favorite coffee shops in Tokyo is now closed for good and I’m just so heart broken.


The first time Chris and I visited Kina we couldn’t believe that a place like this existed in the middle of Roppongi — a town where we usually wouldn’t know what to do. It was a huge old coffee shop filled with lots of art and custom made interiors. Every corner of the floor carried a different charm and gave an insight to the owner’s strong aesthetic. The salon would have certainly been a very popular hang out in the 70’s & 80’s and remained in good taste. It was also very sweet to find a white candle on each table with a little sign reading “Please light the candle if you need any help”. We never had a chance to light our candles because the charming old waiters would always notice our needs.


My favorite seat was just underneath this huge bouquet of lights.

One of our fondest times was when we were seated next to a man who we believe was a manager at one of the many nearby gentleman’s clubs. Over a few hours he met with several hostesses in long sparkling silky dresses from his club to investigate their inhouse trouble. Despite his heavy look and 90’s style big shouldered suit we were surprised by his decent gentle manner. It was so fitting and perfect that he too was in Kina.

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Mitsuzawa Park

July 18th, 2011 — 9:48am

There is a sports ground called Mitsuzawa Park and it’s where my secondary school would gather once a year for athletic day.


Last week I learnt that my driving school is close to the park and it brought back all the bitter memories I had of having to run three kilometers around the park. I was okay with sports but terrible at running long distance so sports day was always half fun and half torture for me.


When I saw the park again it totally wiped away my old bad pictures. The park had a great sweet stone monument at the entrance and I could also see roses and little flowers blooming inside. It’s also became my favorite driving practice route as there is a green tunnel at the back of the park and I just love seeing the lacy shadows that the tree leaves create.


A few days ago I was finally able to leave driving school early. Not feeling too exhausted I walked to the park and had a walk around some of my favorite places in the park so far. The park is one of the sweetest places in Yokohama and I already can’t wait to go back.


My favorite statue at the entrance of Mitsuzawa Park.

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