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Local street musicians

December 21st, 2011 — 9:50pm

When hurrying down to the local mall I heard a song that a street musician was playing on her harmonica. The song reminded me of one of the enka songs that old Japanese people enjoy listening to. I don’t know much about enka, but I learnt this particular song by watching some comedy shows when I was in prep school, as it was sang by a guy with a big mole right in the middle of his forehead. As I hummed the famous chorus bit, I realized that the song in my head and the music I heard from the street totally synchronized! Who would have expected to hear some tacky old Japanese song all the way across the sea, in a small town of Australia?


On the way back I heard another familiar sound behind me. It was my favorite busking trumpet boy who I saw last weekend with Chris. At the time he was with, I assume, his little sister who seemed like she was forced to accompany him to hold his music book. Today the boy wasn’t with his sister but another sad looking little boy! How many followers does he have? I hope they raise enough money to buy what they want for Christmas. (Not to mention the trumpet boy played ‘A Whole New World’ very sweetly).


My favorite Christmas cake was delivered from Japan. SO happy!

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Hoot hoot

December 15th, 2011 — 8:20am

Not long ago I heard an owl hooting outside, for the first time in my life! I had no idea what it was until Chris told me it was an owl. It sounded like a pigeon’s “coo coo” but deeper and clearer, maybe more like a shell horn? More than anything I just couldn’t believe there was an owl in our garden.


Chris and I grabbed a torch and went out in the dark to look for the owl but we couldn’t find him. (We spent a long time looking but the owl must have been resting somewhere high in our really tall big tree.) When we finally gave up looking I realized the sky was filled with so many stars. Looking at the stars twinkling while listening to an owl felt like a very special treat (especially as it was just after Chris and I completed the little project we’d been working on).


Moon moon.

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