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April 25th, 2014 — 10:53pm

I’ve always enjoyed going to the Laundromat, ever since I was a high school student. To be exact, it was a dormitory laundromat but the tradition followed me when I moved to London and returned to Tokyo.

When Chris and I moved to Melbourne, we were planning on using Chris’s previous washing machine but it didn’t fit into our apartment’s laundry space so we decided to return to using laundromats. The laundromat we use is a little further than the closest one we used to go to. However we were immediately drawn to the super cleanliness and superior quality of the machines. More than anything though, I really like receiving their star shaped brass token to operate the washing machine. When we first started going there I was a little intimidated by the stern looking older Italian lady who handed out the tokens and maintained the washing machines. In time she started opening up to me, little by little. She started saying ‘Bye bye, love!’ and once gave me the shop’s original calendar. She also asked me a question about the Japanese game that she plays on her mobile phone. There was also a very kind Indian lady who worked the afternoon shift there.

One day I was surprised to see an unfamiliar lady looking after the shop. I just thought maybe one of the ladies was off sick or on vacation. However upon my next visit, I saw the same new lady but this time working with another new lady. It made me a little anxious. Sadly it seems like the Italian lady and Indian lady have somehow stopped working there which now makes me a little sad. The funny thing is, the two new ladies are also an Italian and Indian combination just like the previous two. The new two also kind of resembles the previous two in their actions, with both Italian ladies loving to go outside the shop to smoke. I fantasise that they actually could be the same people.


This is the brass token.

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