My royal affairs

I watched the Royal wedding last night. On one pre-wedding TV show I saw a man who scrapbooks every type of Royal related clipping and collects all sorts of Royal merchandise. It reminded me that my boyfriend and I own a book of The Japanese Imperial Family Annual and I thought ‘Oh, I can’t laugh about this man.’


We once saw the Japanese emperor and empress’s car driving past in front of us. Of course there were several security guards along the road and police on bikes to lead their way so they were hard to miss. Seeing such iconic figures on our way back from our regular shopping was just so unexpected and it made our day extraordinary. Although we seemed the only two people who were excited to see them, ha!


That also reminded me of the time when¬†Prince Charles visited my boarding school for it’s 100th anniversary. I wasn’t at all interested in seeing him but as soon as his shiny Bentley arrived infront of the school, I run fast through the crowd to get some close-up shots of him. (I still have the photos somewhere). I always think it felt just like going to the sea. I’m never so keen on going to the beach but soon as I see the shining blue¬†sea, I’m the first one to get out of the car and run into the water… if I’m making any sense.


I'm not a Royal Family watcher or worshipper by the way...

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