I’m a Wife!

One evening five years ago I was lying on a couch wondering if there was a boy like myself anywhere. Shy and nervous but gentle with a similar way of thinking (so we’d get each other) and with a sarcastic sense of humor. I wished that someone would also like going to bookshops, collecting old sweet things, and eating cakes with me. Possibly he’d know about other things that I could be inspired by.┬áNot long after I realized a boy I’d known for about a year was just like that I’d been wishing to meet. And luckily enough, he liked me.


Yesterday I quietly became that boy’s wife and I am so happy! We hope to throw a traditional Japanese wedding ceremony in Japan next year so we can celebrate properly with all of our friends!


I always think I can communicate and understand Chris┬áso much better and easier than most Japanese people I meet. It’s so strange that the language you speak and where you were brought up doesn’t really mean anything (… at least to us!).


A little bit sad to think that we are no longer boyfriend and girlfriend though...

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