Seiji Togo

Yesterday I finally enrolled myself into driving school (– thinking that having a license in Australia would be helpful). The school was a strange place to be and I was sitting alone in the lobby just feeling very nervous. Then I spotted a big framed painting by Seiji Togo hanging on the back wall of the school office! I suddenly felt so lucky and relaxed that I felt like I can do this.


It reminded me of one weekend a few years ago when Chris and I caught a bus to Seijo, hoping to somehow bump into our star Mr Yokoo Tadanori (who apparently lives in Seijo). Of course we weren’t that lucky so instead we went to Seijo Alps tea salon to have some cakes. And then, there it was… a huge painting by Seiji Togo covering one entire wall of the shop! It didn’t take much for us to be instantly drawn to his work, and we now extra love viewing his paintings while having a cup of tea or coffee in salons like Montblanc in Jiyugaoka, or Soiree in Kyoto.


Please be my guardian angel!

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