Feeling Fruity

Last Saturday I did a big walk from Shinjuku to Shibuya. My goal was to finally visit Takashi Homma’s ‘New Documentary’ exhibition, something I’d been wanting to see since March. I also wanted to walk around the area just to get the sweet feeling of being back in Tokyo.


My favorite photo from Mr Homma’s show was of a girl in her school uniform playing a golden tuba. The photo was from the ‘Tokyo and My daughter’ series and I was amazed to learn that the little lady who’s had her whole life photographed by Mr Homma is not actually a daughter of his.


My walk to Shibuya somehow lead me to Yoyogi Uehara (– a town in the opposite direction of Shibuya), so I decided to visit my favorite wholefoods store. Inside I bought one pinapple popsicle as it looked like the perfect way to stay cool in the steamy hot weather. I was surrounded by a sweet old and new Japanese townscape and the popsicle tasted so fruity (and looked a little bit tilted), and that made me so happy… and when I tried to take some photos of my yummy yellow popsicle before I ate it all, my hands got so sticky that I really felt like a little kid.


By the time I got to Shibuya I was running so late for my next appointment that I couldn’t go to any of the places I’d originally planned… but I was happy that I got lost on my walk.


My first popsicle of the summer.

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