Mitsuzawa Park

There is a sports ground called Mitsuzawa Park and it’s where my secondary school would gather once a year for athletic day.


Last week I learnt that my driving school is close to the park and it brought back all the bitter memories I had of having to run three kilometers around the park. I was okay with sports but terrible at running long distance so sports day was always half fun and half torture for me.


When I saw the park again it totally wiped away my old bad pictures. The park had a great sweet stone monument at the entrance and I could also see roses and little flowers blooming inside. It’s also became my favorite driving practice route as there is a green tunnel at the back of the park and I just love seeing the lacy shadows that the tree leaves create.


A few days ago I was finally able to leave driving school early. Not feeling too exhausted I walked to the park and had a walk around some of my favorite places in the park so far. The park is one of the sweetest places in Yokohama and I already can’t wait to go back.


My favorite statue at the entrance of Mitsuzawa Park.

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