A sky print dress

Last month I saw a shop girl in Tokyo who was wearing a sky print dress and she looked so striking. I walked extra close by her to have a good look but I didn’t think I could possibly own such a look. As soon as we left the shop Chris said “That dress reminds me of Prince in the Raspberry Beret video” and that’s when things got a little complicated…


Raspberry Beret has always been my most favorite Prince song but I only recently discovered how sweet the music video is (and it made me like him even more). In the video Prince looks just perfect wearing a sky print suit that also enables him to become part of a very sweet animation.


Now I’m sighing like a chimney thinking I should have at least asked the shop girl about her dress. I can’t believe I missed my chance of possibly owning the same magical look and playing on a blue screen somewhere.


The sky is for everyone.

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