our little spring harvest

We just ate our first harvest of the beans that Chris’s father and I planted in April. To be honest, I wasn’t at all keen on┬áhaving beans in our vegetable patch as I thought they are easy to come by and growing my choice of beet root felt more satisfying. I used to take extra care when watering the beet roots but not any more as I just found out that the beans were in fact broad beans, my favorite! It was a good surprise.


We also received a bag full of kumquats from Chris’s sister’s garden. Well, we thought they were kumquats but they were actually another fruit called loquat. A fruit you often find in Japan during the summer time, and I was even more excited! I really enjoyed the sweet condensed smell that filled our house from the homemade loquat jam prepared today.


Spring helps me to like Australia a little more.

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