our dream stories

I was woken by a bad dream. I was really upset and disappointed because Chris and my friend Ryoko were having a fun night out without me. I told Ryoko about my dream and she told me that she had also dreamed about me on the same night which gave me a twinkle in my heart.


Ryoko dreamed that I was in a high school basketball team and that I was being scouted by some local and city pro teams. I didn’t know what to do so I asked Ryoko for advice. A city team is cool because it gets more attention but they constantly change their players. On the other hand a local team is friendlier and closer to home and people stay there for a long time. We ended up choosing the local team. Then Ryoko added, “You were wearing a pair of basketball shoes and a uniform and looking quite cool!” I really liked hearing that.


I would definitely play basketball with this uniform!

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