bubble battle

While I was preparing to bake a quiche, I saw lots of bubbles coming out of our dishwasher. I panicked. I quickly opened the dishwasher and I was attacked by an avalanche of foam. It wasn’t at all nice like a bubble bath or a bubbly fountain. I scooped some of the bubbles out and pressed the start button again pretending as nothing had happened but the dishwasher made even more bubbles. Chris came to help me saying that hot water will decrease the amount of bubbles so we sprinkled hot water but it didn’t help much. He came back with a search result of vinegar which worked better, and then salt which really made the bubbles disappear! Chris frantically sprinkling salt all over the dishwasher looked like some kind of witchcraft and it made me laugh.


So, lesson one – if you ever have bubble trouble, salt and vinegar are the key to solving your problem. And please remember to never put regular detergent into a dishwasher like I did…


I had never used a dish washer before!

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