Trop mimi!

I used to have a stuffed brown bunny toy friend called ‘Mimi chan’ who I spent most of my childhood with. I think I simply named her ‘Mimi’ after her long ears, as mimi in Japanese means ears, and I also liked the sound of it.


About two years ago I took my friend’s friend Amandine (from France) on a little tour to Kamakura, although I’m not sure if I was a good tour guide. When we were having a break at an old coffee shop after visiting some temples, Amandine told me possibly the most useful phrase in French which was ‘trop mimi’, equivalent to ‘so cute’.


Since then I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to use these magical words but sadly I haven’t had a chance to visit France… but today, when I saw a wild bunny hopping around on a lawn during my walk to a local stationary shop I couldn’t help but say to myself ‘That is SO trop mimi!’, and I felt very content.


I'd love wild bunnies to visit my garden.

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