Matterhorn is a cake shop in Tokyo where Chris and I used to spend a lot of time chatting and drawing (and drinking coffee, sipping lemon squash, and eating cakes). The shop was within walking distance from where we lived with the gentle atmosphere of the shop often reminded me of my childhood. The Cakes, parfaits, and paintings by Shintaro Suzuki always made our day sweeter.


My favorite seat was at the big table below two minimal chandeliers. Here I could observe the man in the cook’s hat making coffees and parfaits and see the waitress girls preparing cakes to serve. I liked sitting at some of the other tables too, particularly if i could enjoy a view of white plates, clear glasses, and silver cutlery placed on top of marble table tops. My order was always tea chiffon cake and lemon squash.


The owner’s articulate aesthetic can be seen throughout the shop and upon wrapping papers and packaging. I knew Matterhorn was a mountain in Switzerland but when Chris and I found an old postcard of Matterhorn mountain at a local second hand bookstore (while we were working on our zine), it gave me a sparkle. The postcard I saw infront of me totally reminded me of the Matterhorn shop logo I was so used to seeing upon their paper napkins. And now I miss going to Matterhorn even more.


I would like to visit there one day...

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