Rose express

My train trip fills its windows with breath-taking views. There’s endless blues of ocean and sky, a forest where the sunlight filters down through the trees, and a horse farm.


This morning, a lady who sat next to me across the aisle had two beautiful red roses in her hands. The roses must have been freshly picked from her garden as they gently filled the surroundings with smells from both their fresh green stems and flowers. This journey I felt as if I was sitting in the finest salon. (Maybe the old wooden train carriage also helped me to feel that way).


My mum used to make a little bunch of garden flowers for me to bring to my prep school so we could have seasonal flowers in our class room. Sharing garden flowers is a very sweet thought. It also reminded me of a brick wall coffee shop in Jiyugaoka, and my friend Yama’s house in Yokohama where I have strong memories of beautiful roses in vases.


Flower power!

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