Diabolo Menthe

Last month, Chris and I finally moved our belongings from Chris’s parent’s house to our new home. I was terrified by how many heavy boxes we had full of books. I thought the movers might refuse to move them but they ended up doing it so effortlessly. In fact, one of the guys carried our really heavy glass table top all by himself, when it had taken three of us just to lift it up. I was really impressed by how the moving guys made everything look so easy.


When unpacking I found a few old issues of French ELLE magazines that we had with us from Japan. I always liked the look of one of the cover girls and when I flicked through the magazine I found an article about her, Eléonore Klarwein. In fact, the article was about a movie, Diabolo Menthe, where Eléonore starred as a young French school girl in Paris. I found the movie, and it was just as sweet as I’d expected! Other than the girls, the 60s scenery, uniforms, and school building looked so beautiful! I would have studied a little harder if I went to a school like that.


Being a teacher must be hard...

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