small town coffee talk

Melbourne has been very autumnly. Clear skies, cold dry air and colorful leaves that have fallen onto the pavement to make walking fun.


Chris and I went for our usual local walk yesterday and it lead us to one of our favorite coffee shops here. They serve filtered coffee, something we’ve became really fond of from living in Japan and so far we only know of two places who do it in Melbourne. When we were looking to buy coffee beans, a guy approached us saying that he recognized us. It turned out that he used to work at one of the cafes we would occasionally go to in Chris’s home town and he’d also recently moved to Melbourne and just started working at the coffee shop! I just couldn’t believe our luck in bumping into someone like this and it warmed my heart.


I don’t know much about coffee, I just like it when it tastes good and gentle. So far it had been a real gamble buying coffee in Australia┬ábut the coffee beans we brought back from the shop made the best coffee we ever had here! I guess I won’t have to ask my mom to send coffee from Japan any more.


Different shapes of plants at the Royal Botanic Gardens.

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