Sweet yam scent

Last month I noticed that quince started to appear on the shelves at some local markets and shops. I’d never tasted quince before but I’d still been wanting to make the quince toffee. I decided to buy my first three quinces to give it a try. I guess I didn’t add enough sugar to the recipe as my (meant-to-be) quince toffee turned out more like quince jam, but it was still incredibly yummy and somehow tasted nostalgic. The quince also had an indescribably sweet scent that I could smell from my shopping basket every time the tram shook during my trip home. It made my journey really happy.


Today I went back for more, this time also wanting to try a Buddha’s hand, (a type of citrus fruit that also has very gentle, sweet, flower like scent). I’m thinking of making my dream cordial with star anice.


A nearby florist had some giant Buddha's hands in their window display.

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