Visiting The Collingwood Children’s Farm was Gen’s recommendation when Chris and I first visited Melbourne, and, it’d been on top of my list of the places I wanted to revisit since moving here. Recently, I found out that we live not too far from the farm so we walked up there last week.


When Chris and I got to the farm, half of the animals were having lunch and the other half were having after lunch naps in the shade. I couldn’t help myself from smiling when I saw a duck dozing off just like people do. I also saw two eggs in a chiken shed, a piggy making a big mess (eating fresh broccoli and cabbage) as another piggy was dozing, a little girl running through muddy puddles, and a sweet cat hanging out with a group of chickens. It’s a healthy, peaceful and beautiful place! I was also happy to see my favorite kind of chicken, the Silkie. I guess I’m a sucker for fluffy things that move.


A sweet welcome.

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