Nazo Nazo

Apparently my four year old niece, Tessa, is obsessed with riddles. The first thing she does when she gets back home from kindergarden nursery is read books on them. Hearing that from my mum on the phone made me crumble. I had totally forgotten, but Chris reminded me that Tessa’s interest in riddles is not a new thing. A year ago, we overheard her saying to herself, (in Japanese) ‘Here is a riddle, what is round?’… ‘An apple!’. Chris and I couldn’t help ourselves from giggling. She was entertaining herself with her own riddles and it was just so cute!


Today, I saw little sisters skipping around at the market and they reminded me very much of Tessa and her old sister Ciara in Japan.


Sisters at the market. Their matching leather shoes were also very pretty.

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