Trip to Fiji

The other day, on our way to shop for groceries, Chris and I spotted a little skinny girl standing in front of the cinema selling raffle tickets. We just couldn’t ignore her sweet innocent voice and since she was fund raising for her school library, we happily decided to buy a ticket from her.


While Chris was writing down our details, I was very surprized to find out that the first prize was “A trip for two to Fiji”. What a high budget prize for a school raffle! And so far the girl only seemed to have sold two to three tickets. I suddenly had high expectations of winning this two dollar raffle. After our shopping, the girl was eating a popsicle which seemed perfect, as if she’d just bought it with our raffle ticket money. It made us laugh.


Today I asked Chris, “So, did the girl tell you when the raffle will be drawn?” Chris said “No”. I thought she would be just one of a few girls selling tickets as part of a raffle committee, but Chris told me he thinks everyone in the school would be selling tickets…


Suddenly, Fiji felt so far away.

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