1/2 a cinnamon roll

It was one of those days when Chris and I felt like trying somewhere new for a break so we went to this tiny bakery with a blue awning, somewhere I’d been wanting to go. I hadn’t been there simply because our favorite cafe and bakery is just about a minutes walk away, but we knew we came to the right place soon as we stepped inside the cafe.


I had patted a sweet dog in front of the post office so I was hoping to wash my hands at the cafe, but there didn’t seem to be a bathroom. Instead, the shop girl invited me behind the shop counter to use her tap which was very kind and fun. While I was washing my hands, Chris ordered a cinnamon roll to share, cut it into half and tried to give me the slightly bigger one. I’m pretty good at cutting food equally into half, from hamburgers to mille feuille, so I noticed the size difference. (I guess it comes from my greediness). I said, “You’ve been wanting to eat this cinnamon roll, so please take the bigger half.” and Chris said, “I think they are pretty equal.” So, I guiltily accepted his kind gesture. Then the shop girl came over to give us an extra set of plates and forks, looked at our cinnamon roll and said, ‘So, who’s getting the bigger one?’. It made me laugh.


It's nice to have a new favorite!

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