Flower Rescue

Last weekend, on my way out of the farmer’s market, I spotted a small bunch of assorted flowers which must had been forgotten about after some kids played with them. Yellow, orange, pink and purple. They were colourful and of different shapes, with one gooseberry-like weed that looked a little tired, but I just couldn’t ignore them. I picked them up and placed them into a glass bowl full of water as soon as I got back home to enjoy the last bit of the flowers’ life.


That evening, the flowers were looking fresher than ever! I wasn’t at all expecting them to be revived this well. Yesterday (three days later), the one with gooseberry-like lanterns opened up its tips, blooming with white frill like flowers. So pretty! I never thought I’d get this much pleasure out of these abandoned flowers.


The semi-transparent green stripy buds looked like gooseberries to me.

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