A rose garden picnic

Last weekend the weather was so fine that Chris and I visited a rose garden. I felt sad when we saw a family outside the garden, having a dream like picnic under a big tree with baskets full of food and drink, but having our small sandwiches surrounded by the roses in bloom wasn’t bad after all. We weren’t the only ones having a good spring time there. There were also bees buzzing, birds chirping, and even some house flies relaxing on velvety pale pink rose petals, which made me smile.


After lots of looking (and sniffing), we realized that the rose garden was part of a mansion’s grounds so we decided to explore the other bits. At a quiet pond, I noticed some little ripples on the water surface. They appeared different to those created by a duck family, so I looked closer. Under the water, I found a beautiful world of tiny fish that I spent quite a while observing. The most excited thing was seeing Fairy Wrens. I used to dream of finding a blue bird since reading the story book ‘Blue Bird’ when I was little. I couldn’t believe how bright blue the birds were when Chris pointed them out to me. I’m hoping this is the closure of my blue bird quest.


It was also the first time I've worn a straw hat this spring.

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