My magic portion

The grocery shop I go to almost every day has a dispensary where the shop girls (who are also naturopaths) tailor mix herbal medicines. When I first saw this medicine counter (and all of the brown jars stacked on a shelf behind it), I felt as if I was in a witch’s house. I thought about Kiki’s mum in Kiki’s Delivery, a witch who makes traditional medicine the same way, plus a little magic.


I’d had a cough for quite a while (since catching a cold in Japan), so I finally had a reason to ask for some help. When I received my potion packed in a small brown jar, I said to the naturopath “Thank you, it’s been my dream to try your dispensary”. “Lucky you, you’re sick!” was Chris’ cold response, and it made us laugh.


A modern witch at the dispensary.

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