un, deux, trois

Learning ballet was a minor activity in my neighborhood. No one seemed to know much about it so I couldn’t talk about ballet with my school friends. It felt more like a secret after school gathering. Apart from the tough lessons it was always a joy looking at colour samples for leotards when it came time to ordering one. The sample sheet was full of colours – just like looking into the 80’s eyeshadow palette in my mum’s dresser drawer. I was only ever allowed a basic colour leotard as my mum was conservative and loved trad style, but I couldn’t thank her enough when she converted my round neck leotard into a v-neck just by placing some stitching in the middle. Usually these were only available in taller sizes and I adored all the senior girls who wore v-neck leotards. They always looked so grown up.


Anyways, looking at photos in the book “Life at the Royal Ballet school” made me think how precious that part of my life was.


Three girls stitching their shoes during a break.

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