Caramel Custard Pudding

When I lived in London a friend of mine, Teppei, used to occasionally turn up to parties with jars of his homemade custard pudding and I was always so impressed. He had a real sweet tooth and I often used to think his sweetness literally came from what he ate.


One summer day we’d planned to have a picnic at Hampstead Heath. Teppei, myself, and two other friends decided to prepare lunch boxes (in my flat) for everyone coming, about fifteen people! It took us all night. Apart from the lunchboxes, Teppei had also secretly prepared his custard puddings but didn’t have the time to make the caramel sauce. So, he asked me for some help (as the the others were having a little nap), at around 4 am. It turned out that I didn’t have much sugar in my pantry so Teppei and I had to run around at dawn, sugar hunting. Our desperation to find a news agency that was open and carrying sugar, and how frantic we were to make caramel sauce before everybody woke up still makes me laugh. Especially every time I see or eat caramel┬ácustard pudding. It was no exception the other day, when I baked one for the first time, on my own.


I spotted these sweet eggs in the gap between the stairs at the barn.

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