Spring is here!

I’ve been quiet on my blog for the past few months because of some computer problems. Now I’m good with a new computer I hope to be back blogging, and I can also tell you a few of the things I’ve been wanting to share.


In late July I went to Tasmania with Chris. Tasmania had been a place I’d always wanted to visit since I was little (as my dad used to go to Australia for business trips and would come home with souvenirs and treats from Tasmania), so it was a long time dream come true for me. We rented a car and I drove for the first time since I got my licence two years ago. Even though my driving couldn’t take us too far from Hobart, we enjoyed passing through some idyllic farmland and found some beautiful hidden beaches. (It was really fun even though I was originally thinking I could just drive all around the island!)


After we came back from Tasmania I began an artist residency at the Lamington Drive gallery in Melbourne. I was there for four weeks, drawing everyday with three other illustrators with our work coming together for a group show at the end. I was really overwhelmed by everyones support and niceness, and thank you to everyone who came to have a look at our work!


Lastly, I have a new website! and i’ve also joined Instagram, so I hope you get to enjoy a little bit more of me from now on♡


I've been waiting for this season, this view.

I’ve been waiting for this season, this view.

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