Cherry dream

Last Friday I saw a box full of cherries at my local grocery shop. It was my first sight of cherries for the season so I bought a bagful. The next morning I saw a cherry truck at the farmer’s market and could’t resist the temptation, so I bought a 1 kg box of cherries. Chris and I enjoyed eating them by comparing the two, eating them with mangoes (another first of the season!). I even made myself french toast this morning and ate it with maple syrup and cherries, yum.¬†It’s been only a few days but most of the cherries have disappeared now.


The next time I see the cherry truck I’m going to make certain to buy a 2kg box so I can try baking cherry¬†clafoutis and making syrup… In which case, I’ll need to find a cherry de-stoner too! (Busy busy…)


The first cherries of the season.

Cherries to remember.

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