Y & E Cookie Co.

Yama is my best friend from prep school. We’ve pretty much shared every moment together since the fifth grade, like my first ever skateboard ride (– when my skirt got ripped!), to our long awaited Harajuku debut. We also used to write silly songs, make grotesque recipe books, and draw manga. Soon enough we went to differing junior high schools and didn’t get to spend much time together. During the ten years I lived in Dominica and England I saw her even less, but our friendship stayed strong. When I returned to Japan we’d often call each other after work for a mid-night ice cream party or a hamburger treat. We are also extremely creative (ha!) when it comes to baking cookies and always liked to believe we would make a fortune with our cookies if we ever opened a cookie shop. Now Yama has found her dreamland and her dream husband in Germany – he’s Czech, a very rare combo. I’m now in Australia with my boyfriend. We have no idea when and where will be the next time we’ll see each other but I hope Yama thinks of me when she eats ice creams and burgers or makes cookies, like I think of her.


Today is Yama’s birthday, so I wanted to wish her a Very Happy Birthday!


Yama and Emi's famous cookies.

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