Clouds and constellations

The Australian sky reminds me of the first open page in my prep school science book. It had drawings of various cloud types along with their names and a feature description. I used to remember every cloud type (I especially liked cirrocumulus¬†clouds and thunder clouds), but I’ve forgot most of them now because I could only ever find a few cloud types in my sky in Japan.


This same thing happened to me with constellations! I was once also given a star chart and I remembered a lot of them but all my knowledge was lost after realizing that I can only ever spot Orion, Cassiopeia, The Big Dipper and Venus.


So, looking at lots and lots of different clouds and stars in Australia makes me want to learn all the clouds and constellations again.


My childhood obsession, Kiki and Lala. I used to always wish my hair was pink.

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