Flying Birds Looping

On my walk to the local supermarket I saw a group of birds circling the sky very neatly and I wondered how do they do that? Do they have a leader to give commands? So I kept looking. During their 8th loop there was a sudden 180 degree turn but as usual every bird followed. Unfortunately on their 10th loop one bird lost his way and he was completely left out of the circle. However, after another two loops the group flew around him to become one big group again. I felt warmth in my heart.


During my grocery shop I was thinking about the French documentary movie ‘Winged Migration’ by Jacque Perrin, and that reminded me of the ‘Wataridori’ textile pattern by Japanese clothing label Minä Perhonen.


When I came out of the store it looked as though a heavy rain cloud had just passed, and I saw double rainbows! I felt content.


'Wataridori' means migratory birds in Japanese.

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