The White Serpent

“Did you know that the Sydney Harbour Bridge requires 30,000 litres of paint for coating and it needs to be painted constantly to prevent rusting.” This was the one fact that everyone liked to tell me when I first visited Australia. It was kind… but strange.


I was fortunate to be invited to Lover‘s 10th anniversary collection show on Monday night at the Sydney Opera House. Waiting outside the world heritage site and viewing the famous still-painting Harbour Bridge was like my version of Woody Allen’s ‘Manhattan’ in Sydney. I would call it um… ‘Circular Quay’ (?!) and the entire movie will be filmed in sepia! Oh, how silly…


The Lover show was full of Nic and Susien’s magic! From the matching squares of  the invitation card, the runway, and the venue, to the classic camera projection effects of the show. Lots of flowy laces and silky dresses in white, cream, black, and red! The show also brought my red lipstick desire back again. It was truly an inspiring night and I’d like to wish a happy 10th anniversary to Lover!


So, what is the equivalent of 30,000 litres of paint? I need an easier example.

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